Hamburg – The VentusVentures Corporate Group successfully completed the 2018 financial year.

In 2018, the corporate group presented its consolidated financial statements for the first time.  and, with this consolidation, also rigorously implements the strategic realignment agreed at the beginning of 2018 in the area of finance and accounting. The consolidation includes 23 affiliates and project corporations that represent the core business.

Restructuring of the organization and expansion of business areas

The strategic development is supported by additional staffing and restructuring of the organization. In addition to the classic wind and solar business, the business areas of storage technologies and real estate represent an expansion of the previous portfolio. The development of these topics was rigorously pursued in 2018. As part of the diversification strategy, the real estate project ‚Campus Wohnen & Arbeiten Ludwigslust‘ and the eMIS storage project are key projects.

In the wind energy business as well as in the areas of real estate and storage technology, important milestones could be achieved in 2018 through investments in project development, purchase of land and real estate, which will secure the company’s success and its growth course for the next few years.

The consolidated balance sheet total grew to € 54.5 million. The operating result, including income from investments, amounted to EUR 1.2 million in the past year, which is in line with expectations.

Positive outlook for the coming financial year

The VentusVentures Corporate Group expects a slight growth for 2019. The focus will be on the implementation of the developed projects. At the same time, the three business units wind, solar energy, storage technologies and real estate will be consistently further developed.