Ludwigslust – The building authorities of the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim approved the construction of a winter replacement accommodation for bats on the site of the former barracks close to Bürgermeister-Brandenburg-Straße. The construction work started on 22nd of July 2019.

Baumaßnahmen Campus Ludwigslust, Juni 2019On the site of the former Garnison in Ludwigslust a total of four residential and office buildings are to be built as part of the project Campus Living & Working Ludwigslust. At the beginning of this year during the demolition work it was discovered that bats had hibernated in one of the basement rooms of the remaining building.

In coordination with the nature conservation authority and the architect, an adequate alternative accommodation was planned immediately. An audio sample, carried out at the beginning of April, confirmed that all bats had departed from the basement rooms of the former barrack building, so the demolition could be finished.

The new quarter is single-story with a large cellar and entrance holes for the bats. Completion of the construction and the collection date for the bats is planned for 1st of September 2019. At the same time nesting sites for swifts are created.