Hamburg, 23 October 2020: Connected Infrastructure Capital GmbH (CIC) acquired 100% of the shares of a wind farm company in Noord-Holland. The Hamburg-based company is thus following its growth course and expands its wind portfolio in the European market.

The wind onshore project near the Ijsselmeer in the north-east of the province of Noord-Holland is part of the wind farm Wieringermeer. The wind farm consists of two parts: The existing wind farm with 8 Vestas V126 wind turbines and a total capacity of 30.4 MW became operational in 2019. The second part consists of a total of 9 prototype sites with a fully developed infrastructure and a total capacity of about 35 MW, which are leased to manufacturers to test their prototypes in order to obtain type certificates.

The buyer of the shares is CIC EWEF B.V, a dutch subsidiary of CIC.  In addition to CIC local parties hold 50% of the share of the operating wind farm. „We are very glad that we were able to purchase the company shares“, says Hans Joern Rieks, founding partner of CIC. „It is an attractive asset and long-term investment and therefore fits very well into our growth strategy.“

About CIC
The Hamburg-based company CIC is a joint venture of JOPO GmbH and VentusVentures Holding GmbH. CIC specialises in structured financing solutions in the renewable energy sector and concentrates on the acquisition of high-yield, approved wind farm projects in European markets with a special focus on Scandinavia. The founding partners of CIC already implemented more than 900 MW of renewable energy projects in the USA, France, Denmark and Germany.



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