Hamburg – Last Tuesday (16.10.2018) mayor Rainer Zimmermann, Martin Heimes (Managing Partner of the VentusVentures Corporate Group) and Christian Geier (Employee of the VentusVentures Corporate Group) met on the spot for the first symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of an open-space solar plant in Warlow.

The solar plant with a capacity of around 750 kWp is being built in Warlow near Ludwigslust. The electricity generated per year of approximately 700 megawatts roughly corresponds to the annual electricity demand of 250 two-person households.

For the electricity fed into the WEMAG grid VentusVentures receives a legally prescribed feed-in tariff.

A grid feed-in of the plant is planned for the end of January 2019.

VentusVentures had already acquired the approximately one hectare property last year.