Connected Infrastructure Capital GmbH (“CIC”) has concluded an agreement on the transaction of wind onshore projects in Latvia.

The agreement comprises a total of three transactions. The first project is an existing wind farm with a nominal output of 20.7 MW. The wind farm was put into operation in 2012.

The two other transactions involve the acquisition of the existing network infrastructure (substation and grid connection point) and the expansion of the wind farm with 14 already approved wind turbines. With the planned expansion of the wind farm, up to 63 MW can be fed into the grid.

The financial closing of the transactions is planned in two steps for the end of June and the end of September 2019.

CIC” specializes in structured financing solutions, focusing on the acquisition of high-yield and approved wind farm projects, especially in Northern European markets.

“CIC” plans to acquire approved onshore wind energy projects with a target volume of 800 MW in the next 36 months.